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Mementos of war 09/02

Next mementos of war in Donbass.


Rout under Lutugino.

Materiel that was destroyed in the Ilovaysk cauldron.

A bit more scrap.

Damage in the Lugansk airport.


Artillerists of the army of Novorossia are firing.

A large column of the armed forces of Novorossia in Krasnodon. Apparently, they are on their way to sweep the cauldrons south of Lugansk.

The artillery of the "Ghost" brigade fires at the enemy.

The units of the "Vostok" brigade fire at the positions of the Naziguard.

The help that didn't come.

The junta is preparing to defend Mariupol.

Loading the corpses from under Ilovaysk.

Nobody wants to be cannon fodder.

A rally against being sent to a war. Nikolayev.

Zakharchenko on the talks in Minsk.

Steshin about the state of the army of Novorossia.

A musical hello from artillerists of the army of Novorossia to the fighters of the Naziguard.

Photo (caution, there is photo 21+)

A destroyed convoy of the junta under Krasnoselsk.

And this is just a pile of bodies of the soldiers of the fascist junta.


The junta checkpoint near Yelenovka.

A burned out APC in Krasnyi Luch. The welded nets didn't help.

A burned corpse of the junta soldier in Novosvetlovka.

A mobile grave with grates.

I don't know where this is coming from, but I don't think we had it before.

Summit of Saur-Mogila.

Meeting of different eras.

Zarya batallion. Lugansk People's Republic.

Fighters of the DPR.


They actually dropped the lard (n.b. this is a reference to the play of words between the Euromaidan slogan "Glory to the Heroes!" in Ukrainian and the sentence "The lard was dropped" in Russian, which sound kind-of similar).

Original article: (in Russian)

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