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A brief but important update

A brief but important update.

1. Nearby Mariupol, Novorossiya Armed Forces (“NAF”) have conducted recon by combat, which advanced as far as city ourskirts. Both sides suffered minor losses.
In Mariupol itself, enemy columns were seen moving west out of from the city.

For now it is not clear whether this is simply some tactical move, or if the junta prepares to leave Mariupol, as it has almost no heavy weapons there. NAF obviously intend to establish control over the city in the near future.
2. Donetsk airport has not yet been taken by the NAF, as I have said the triumphant reports were premature. Militia forces were again able to surround the airport, but not to evict the entrenched junta forces there. In my opinion this struggle will drag on for a few days, but given the configuration of the front and the development of the situation the junta will not be able to hold the airport. I think this saga will end once the town of Peski falls.
3. To the south of Donetsk, a new encirclement has almost taken shape around Volnovaha, (Junta) forces there can now only be supplied via unpaved roads. To the north of Donetsk, another encirclement is forming around Debalcevo. The Junta persisted too long in holding this key point, despite exposed flanks and as forecast they received traditional encircling strikes to the flank and rear. The (town of) Debalcevo itself has been partially or completely abandoned by Junta forces and as of now they have began a retreat back to Svetlodarsk. Everything is proceeding as expected, the threat to Donetsk from the north has now been removed. Shelling of the city should cease by approximately 10th-12th of September, if not earlier.
4. NAF can not take Stanica Luganskaya from the junta forces for the time being, but positional battles here do not have a global strategic importance. Although in terms of the struggle , the Schast’e forces tied up fighting for Stanica Luganskaya cannot help the NAF units advancing in Novoaidar direction. Fighting by Slavyanoserbsk also came down to positional 'sitzkrieg'. South-west of Luhansk, the NAF army continues to chip at the crumbling encirclements - huge amounts of destroyed and captured vehicles, numerous dead and captured government soldiers, all these have become common features of the final stages of the Battle of Lugansk.

5. Weird, but the encirclement by Dyakovo still exists. I cannot deny that there are some stubborn guys there. NAF lazily shell it, the junta forces there are entrenched and not moving. Our guys are waiting until their patience runs out and they run for shelter in Russia. Nowhere to escape from the encirclement (the frontline rolled far to the west by now), while the surviving vehicles are critically low on fuel and ammunition. Therefore, both parties are in effect waiting for a foregone conclusion.

Original article: (in Russian)

This translation was graciously contributed by tatzhit, the post now also includes nice amendments graciously contributed by ilyamuromets63 . Thanks to both of them for helping with this translation.
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