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About Strelkov's Announcement

Translation of the text below, which is written by Strelkov on the infamous forum of Russian-speaking military reconstructors:
Comrades and the accompanying ladies!

[n.b. a nickname of a forum admin?] talked me into logging into the forum and telling at least a few words about what is happening. Due to a number of circumstances I won't comment in any way on the events that occur in Novorossia. I will only note that I am, to put it mildly, "not jubilant".

As for the rest:
1. Everything that is related to my resignation and departure and the subsequent silence was a necessary consequence of a number of circumstances, which I am not going to explain in this format. Perhaps, somewhat later.
2. I wasn't in Yalta and I wasn't going to be there. Under the cover of my name a PR-sabbath was organized there by the paid friends of a "fur animal"
[n.b. this is a transparent hint at Surkov, which sounds similar to "сурок" in Russian, which translates into "marmot"] which must not confused with fox [n.b. absolutely untranslatable play of words.. another furred animal "песец" that's also used as an expletive in Russian–meaning, the end result is making the already transparent hint at Surkov even less transparent plus bringing an element of a thinly veiled insult directed at Mr. Surkov into the whole sentence]. The fact that Mozgovoi and Druz were there is a consequence of this hoax and nothing else. Also, I don't know anything about the rally on September 13th, where I am apparently supposed to show up.
3. Anatoly El-Murid
[n.b. the famous Russian blogger el_murid, who is an acquaintance of Strelkov] writes whatever he thinks is necessary, but he is in touch with me. In my view, Verbal attacks on him are indirect evidence of the attackers affiliation with the "birds from Surkov's nest" with corresponding conclusions with respect to them ("there is such a profession – to love one's Motherland for money!").
4. I read the "Questions to Strelkov". I won't reply right now. Later.
5. I don't remove the responsibility for the situation in Donetsk from myself. I am well-informed about what is currently happening there. But right now I cannot influence it in any way, unfortunately. For now.
6. I will definitely continue to fight for my Homeland in one format or another. Let my numerous "well-wishers" (in Russia and Novorossia and also in the Ruin) have no illusions in this respect. While I'm alive they won't sleep well. Also I'm sending a "message" to someone in Donetsk, as it is often said these days "I'm angry and my memory is good". :) This especially concerns one elderly fan of good cigars and whiskey, who was successfully pretending to be "an officer and a patriot" for more than 20 years. He will understand. Respect and honour is no longer about him. As for various scum among the locals, no mater who is on whose leash, I also suggest them not to forget that I'm still alive and capable of acting.
7. Yulia Latynina and Co. (
n.b. this presumably refers to the liberal crowd at the radio station "Echo of Moscow") shouldn't expect me in their company. I never had and will never have anything in common with them. "They are in need of great upheavals..." (n.b. a reference to the famous quote by Pyotr Stolypin: "You, gentlemen, are in need of great upheavals; we are in need of Great Russia.").
8. By the end of September a second book of my fairy tales should come out, which was launched into publication already before departing to Crimea.

Respectfully, Strelok

I had absolutely no time yesterday, but there are questions on the announcement (in Russian) of Strelkov that was made on the famous and "secret" forum.

1. The fact that they are trying to assign Strelkov somewhere and then he doesn't show up there is typical. The media popularity of Strelkov among the masses automatically gets +500 to their Karma. So he is either written in for Yalta or invited to a rally. Despite the well-known proscription, many would like to catch a glimpse of Strelkov's glory. Of course, only Strelkov himself can decide if he wants to go where he was announced or if he is not going there. Of course, it would be great if the person would know in advance that he's going to be in a certain place.

2. Regarding the authenticity of the messages on the "secret forum": during the period of active posting on this forum the messages written by Strelkov (it doesn't matter if he wrote them or one of his deputies) in our center were categorized as information with a high level of reliability. Although during the period of active work by the SBU on hacking the forum and posting disinformation there, our employees had instructions to reconfirm the information that was posted through the "secret" forum to the extent of their ability. In the overwhelming majority of these cases, the information that was published from the account "Котыч" (n.b. read as "Kotych") corresponded to the real situation at the front very well. Actually, Strelkov didn't have his informational work done in a very polished manner, because in his official position it would have been more appropriate to publish his inside information and announcements on the official resource (ICORPUS tried to play this role for some time) and not in the depths of the antiquarian forum, which actually created the ground for various reinterpretations and the attempts to inject fake news that supposedly originated from him.

3. Regarding of whether this last announcement of Strelkov on this forum is authentic or not, I think that it is authentic. I suppose that the reason for coming out of shadows and making the first public announcement after the resignation is a consequence of failed maneuvers made by Antyufeyev in Donetsk, where he unsuccessfully tried to remove certain "first wave revolutionaries" who had ties with Strelkov and Gubarev.
Thus, transparent hints at Antyufeyev and Surkov are a good reflection of the nerve of this internal political conflict.
The fate of Antyufeyev will be a marker of its local resolution.

4. As for the rest, I wait for his extended address on the situation in Donbass with interest. Sooner or later it will happen, which should dot all the i's.

Original article: (in Russian)

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