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Video-summary for September 10-11

A video-summary of the events in Novorossia for September 10-11.

Video version. (in Russian) – watch.

Text version.

Another day of the armistice in the DPR passed. It was accompanied by artillery salvos and exploding shells over the whole territory of the DPR. During the night the Ukrainian military tried to break through to the Donetsk airport. The positions near the settlements of Peski and Avdeyevka were shelled using artillery. The Ukrainian army shelled Donetsk from Krasnogorovka. For half-an-hour the punitive troops fired on the south outskirts of Yenakiyevo using tanks and APCs. Shots could be also heard in Kirovskoye. Presumably, the shelling was performed from Zhdanovka.

Despite the truce, the National Guard shells the village of Maloorlovka of Shakhtyorsk district using mortars and "Grads". Intense firefights occurred near the settlement of Partizan and near the city of Debalcevo. In the area of Debalcevo the Ukrainian military are densely surrounded by the detachments of Novorossia from several sides.

The outskirts of Karlovka were subjected to artillery strikes. Salvos from artillery mounts could be heard from the side of the city of Dokuchayevsk for about 20 minutes. Presumably, the AFU fired from the side of Nikolayevka.

In the afternoon the information came in that the firefights in the town of Volnovakha escalated into full-fledged fighting using "Grads".

The village of Pervomaiskoye in Telmanovsky district came under the control of the DPR militia.

A firefight was noted in the area of Kominternovo. The use of artillery was noted near the village of Sakhanka.

The frequency of shelling in the LPR decreased. The armed forces of Ukraine continued to shell the village of Pervomaiskoye. In retaliation, the army of Novorossia fired at the National Guard checkpoints in Zolotoye and Popasnaya.

Stanitsa Luganskaya and the settlement of Uspenka are under full control of the NAF.

The National Guard of Ukraine executed 30 of its service members either for an attempt to desert or for an attempt to cross to the militia side in the settlement of Yelenovka. A column of Ukrainian reinforcements that moved towards Mariupol was fully destroyed by the fire of the Ukrainian security personnel from the MLRS "Grad". The losses are being verified.

The SBU captured and searched the office of the editor of the newspaper "Vesti" today at 11am. The editorial activities were fully paralyzed. Igor Guzhva, the chief editor of the newspapers "Vesti", announced this on his Facebook page. "People who said that they are SBU employees broke into the editor's office of the newspaper "Vesti". Journalists were not allowed to work. Those of the editorial staff who were present at the time of the capture were held in the building and not allowed to use their mobile phones. Besides, they removed servers on which the website was hosted, due to which the site is not operational," – wrote Igor Guzhva.

The chief editor supposed that the searches may have to do with the publication about the life of the head of the SBU Nalivaychenko in the USA, where she rents a home in the most prestigious district of New York. This article came out on September 9th.

We remind that this is the second case of capturing of the editor's office of this newspaper by the security structures. In May, just a few days before the presidential election, the editorial office was captured on false charges of tax evasion by the tax police officers.

Russian humanitarian convoy intended for residents of the South-East of Ukraine awaits the authorization in order to depart into the conflict zone. Currently, the column of trucks that carries a humanitarian cargo of two thousand tons stands motionless near the Ukrainian border in Rostov region. As the deputy minister of the Russian Federaton on Civil Defense Vladimir Stepanov announced, for now there is no agreement between the two sides on the passage of column to the territory of Ukraine. The humanitarian convoy is standing for the third week in the Rostov region.

Lugansk militia uses truce to restore electric and water supply. "Peaceful life returns to the city, the local residents who ran away from the Ukrainian bombardments are coming back too. Self-defense forces are responsible for the order in villages and towns that are liberated from the National Guard and punitive battalions. People started to return into Lugansk. Electricity, connectivity, and water supply will be restored in the city soon," – announced the head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky during a briefing on Wednesday. "People are coming back, which we, of course, welcome and we invite those who are still (not in Lugansk) to return. Soon there will be electricity, correspondingly, there will be communications, water, and living conditions. Those houses that are in need of repair will be repaired, partially at the expense of the state. There will be pensions and salaries. Come back home, we are waiting for you, " – said Plotnitsky. However, he also noted that at this moment due to the lack of electricity it is hard to make lists for distributing pensions, but in the 20-th of September the pensions and other social payments will be made.

Activists of the project "People's Tribunal" announced that they want to sue the current head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the governor Dnepropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky. The activists of this project are gathering the evidence of the crimes of the Ukrainian security forces in Donbass (in Russian) – link

Plus videos. – about political prisoners from Kharkov (in Russian) – intercepting a roadway in Zaporozhye (in Russian) – fortifications near Dnepropetrovsk airport (in Russian) - how I joined the militia (in Russian) – a conversation with POWs

Original article: (in Russian)

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