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Death corridor

A great and very vivid video of the breakthrough by the junta convoy from the Ilovaysk encirclement. The majority of materiel and personnel from the video remained in the fields and on the roads. Lucky ones managed to get captured. Only a few made it to their own side.

It is remarkable that in the comments the Banderovites continue to yell that it was Putin who set up this "death corridor" for them, although those junta soldiers who, for example, were exiting from Starobeshevo after surrendeing their tanks, some of their IFVs, and bullets, managed to depart on 6 IFVs and nobody fired at them. As for those characters in the video, then they probably decided that the conditions for surrendering materiel don't concern them. Thus, they boldly rushed into a breakthrough. The majority of them, of course, perished. These people were killed primarily by those who gave the insane order (insane in that operational situation) to break in a column through the combat ranks of the NAF. People (even though they were enemies) were effectively sent to slaughter, due to which the few survivors now provide vivid descriptions of the man-made hell from which they miraculously managed to get out. But, of course, Putin is to blame. Yet, it was quite sufficient to give up the tanks and IFVs – and the majority of these people would still be alive. Well, and now of course stories will be told about how they "heroically perished for United Ukraine", although there wasn't even much of a fight there. Just slaughter.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: junta, novorossia, putin, ukraine, video, war in ukraine

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