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Save President Poroshenko

On some Russian TV channel I noticed a peculiar film trailer in the spirit of "everybody is against Poroshenko – from Tymoshenko et al. to the Ukrainian oligarchs and fascists. All of them want war, but Poroshenko himself is not even much of a fascist (despite being one of the sponsers of the ongoing hell). And, thus, only Russia can protect Poroshenko from a conspiracy that is being prepared against him." Why would it be necessary to protect the fascist oligarch wasn't clear from the announcement, but I suppose that they'll explain it properly in the film itself.

The attempts to wash charcoal white continue.

PS. From the news of Ukrainian politics.

1. The party of regions decided not to participate in the elections. Or it could participate in them – and get nothing. And now they will at least get publicity on the topic of protecting the South-East, which they so triumphantly dumped in February-March. The majority of these old MPs simply scattered into other parties of analogous cluelessness and corruption. They'll try to use all of these fragments of the former regime as anesthesia for the population of the South-East, under which it will be possible to continue forceful Ukrainization of these regions.
2. The first number in the party of Tymoshenko will be Savchenko, who is an inmate in a Russian prison. A fairly cheap attempt to artificially inflate quite flimsy rating within the framework of promoting the topic of the war to victory. Considering the hysterical and insane state of the Ukrainian society, this might even work. Overall, Tymoshenko continues to wait while Poroshenko will conclusively screw up and so it will be possible to start fighting for the desired position openly. She is the reserve candidate. Lyashko is more of a clown and a cudgel with which to threaten politicians. While the substitution time didn't come, the Americans are betting on Poroshenko and they don't need conflicts for the top chair yet.
3. Lyashko announced that the authorities are covering up the real losses, which, if the official numbers are added to those that are covered up, are 9000 of just the KIAs. In principle, this is quite close to the integral estimates of the junta KIAs between April and September of 12-15 thousand dead according to realistic estimates and of up to 23 thousand according to optimistic ones.
Lyashko will be in the Rada for sure, as well as his "party". The majority of marginal-radical electorate will be grabbed by precisely this "battle faggot", who managed to promote himself on the topic of the civil war and mass murder better than other fascists.
4. The party of aphorism genius Vitaly Klischko will go to elections as a part of the party of Poroshenko. Klitschko is already densely integrated there and in essence serves as a accumulator of urban electorate behind the chocolate oligarch. Klitschko is already playing the role of the "next idiot in the chair of Kiev mayor" quite well, and after his enchanting revelations he's unlikely to be able to claim anything more serious. No matter how much image-makers and political technologies worked with him, the raw material turned out to be just too dross.
5. Yarosh wants to get into the Rada on a personal mandate. The majority of his party was taken out during the fighting in Donbass. Also, on the background of Lyashko's popularity he lost his attractiveness for the fascist audience somewhat. Furthermore, the financial patron of Yarosh [note from the translator: the financial patron of Yarosh is Kolomoisky] has serious problems with Poroshenko right now. However, I think that Yarosh, Tyagnybok, and Lyashko will be in the Rada, thus forming a full contingent of fascist degenerates in there.

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