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Grimaces of "truce"
NKVD Officer

Yesterday in the comments they were demanding to names of companies that are engaged in talks on the subject of separate collusion with the fascist junta at the expense of Novorossia.

Business-leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the USA developed a plan that consists of 10 points for settling the situation on the south-east of Ukraine. This is announced on the website of the World economic forum.

The businessmen proposed to adhere to the plan for cease-fire, which was developed by the representatives of the OSCE. They proposed to observe the conditions of mutual partnership, avoiding provocations. They also proposed to decentralize the government and organize the meeting of the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, and Europe.

The document was signed by the heads of "Rosnano", Sberbank, VTB, "Severstal", Horizon Capital, EastOne Group, KM Core, BASF, EY, PepsiCo, Alcoa, Siemens, European investment bank, and also the head of the Donetsk regional state administration. (in Russian) – link

PS. Actually, the essence of this event is quite straightforward: the big Russian business is trying to purchase an indulgence for itself from the West at the expense of Novorossia, the future of which is in essence a subject of bargaining and concessions. In contrast to the Minsk talks, where the USA were effectively missing, these attempts to negotiate already include the American corporatocracy.
Of course, the leadership of the DPR and the LPR effectively don't participate in these talks – their role on the background of these talks is reminiscent of the role of Czechs in Munich, who were waiting in the lobby for their fate. Actually, there are no major questions to the capital, it is acting within the framework of the famous classical formula about 300% profit. And in this case the profit itself is under threat, so...
But the problem is that the USA already openly demonstrate that the line with sanctions (in Russian) and deploying military bases near the borders with the Russian Federation will be continued no matter what, so the "trucers" face a very unpleasant dilemma: either they will completely fold in the face of pressure, which is unacceptable due to reasons of internal policy, or they will activate the events in Ukraine. This is unacceptable for business, which will suffer major losses because of this conflict. This motivates the continuing attempts of maneuvering. Today's article by Pushkov (in Russian) clearly demonstrates that all of the illusions of "fighting for Europe", "united pro-Russian Ukraines", and other media phantoms that are shaped by obliging political technologies are roughly destroyed when they encounter harsh reality. The Russian elites were very reluctant to get involved in the direct confrontation with the USA in which they are now pulled into by the Americans (in Russian) and by the logic of events.

Yet another "Poroshenko's peace plan" from yesterday, which is an addendum to the Minsk mouldy stuff, was clearly unacceptable for Novorossia and its content supposed only one possible response from the side of the DPR and the LPR: strictly negative. Instead, certain officials started signing a tune in the style of "Not everything is so unambiguous", trying to preserve (in Russian) the illusion of a "truce" during which there is ongoing large-scale military actions and people perish by the dozen on the background of self-righteous media position, which speak of "beautiful truce". The TV-picture deviates from reality more and more obviously. The political goals of the sides are absolutely polar and can be solved by war only, although the hysterical attempts to prolong the Minsk mold continue as well as the attempts to whitewash Poroshenko in a number of Russian media. The reasons for this are understandable, the Americans openly propose (in Russian) to implement everything that was signed in Minsk (hello to the propagandists who told us that this piece of paper meant nothing) and "Poroshenko's peace plan" and then, perhaps, the Americans won't introduce new sanctions. And even then the USA will still consider if they are completely satisfied or not.

Nevertheless, the pressure of militia fighters, field commanders, and public opinion forces the leadership of the DPR and the LPR to hold a tougher stance and demand sovereignty at least rhetorically instead of clinging to the dead constructs of "federations" and "confederations" and various "united ukraines". For the majority of those who are currently fighting there the dependence of their future on Kiev in any way is simply unacceptable. Receiving any kind of "amnesty" from Kiev fascists is even more unacceptable. This is actually the main problem of "trucers": armed people stand against it. Naturally, servants of the oligarchs will now try to discredit the brightest leaders of the NAF who stood against the truce (primarily, Mozgovoy) and also to "reduce everything to the common denominator" in one way or another. This will be a very convenient situation with respect to revealing media servants of the oligarchs.

Novorossia deputies tried to solve the problem under the banner of increasing the "unity of command" by sending a letter (in Russian) to Tsaryov with a request to assist with the unity of command. The issue here is that the questions of the unity of command are now solved not by Tsaryov but rather by the coordinational headquarters in Krasnodon to which the majority of the DPR and the LPR army units that form the NAF are subordinated. When questions about the unity of command in the LPR emerged for Tsaryov, the locals publicly warned him that if he will get involved in the questions of military buildup, then the question of his presence on the position of the Novorossia parliament will be posed (in Russian). Thus, such a letter looks like an attempt to frame Tsaryov.

The key to the unity of command is actually located in Lugansk. Only after unifying all of the scattered LPR militia squadrons in Lugansk and only after establishing the joint command there will it be possible to implement the real and not declarative unity of command. Only then the military structures of the DPR and the LPR will be able to setup an effective mechanism of coordination and cooperation in reality. There is ongoing work in this direction and a number of commanders are already out of the state of "Makhnovism". The militia already partially turned into an army, but full-fledged command structures still need to be created in order to complete this transformation. These questions can only be solved by the military themselves. As it is not hard to notice, in the DPR there is a fairly harmonic system of command, which owes to the efforts of Strelkov and his people and also to Zakharchenko. The LPR doesn't have something like this yet.

Original article: (in Russian)


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