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There is no truce
NKVD Officer

Purgin spoke and announced that there is no truce for more than two days now.

The vice-premier of the DPR Andrey Purgin said that the cease-fire regime is not observed in Donetsk for more than two days now.

«I think that there is no truce anymore. Heavy weapons are activly used. Cities are bombarded. Four districts of Donetsk out of eight are constantly bombarded. A shell recently hit a bus with people inside», — "RIA Novosti" cites the vice-premier of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.

Mr. Purgin also announced that the Ukrainian security forces started to use heavy weapons: «Two days ago something huge fell on the bus stop in Khartsyzsk, due to which a crater was formed that was six meters wide and two meters deep», — he said.

The contact group on the situation in Donbass with the participation of the representatives from Russia, Ukraine, militia, and OSCE signed the plan of peaceful settlement on September 5th in Minsk. Its key points are: the cease fire, withdrawing the military from residential blocks, and the "all for all" POW exchange. (in Russian) – link

PS. Actually, clashes and shelling didn't stop for a single day after the moment of signing the so-called "truce". The intensity of military action and its location varied, but blood continued to be spilled. On certain days the number of KIAs was in the tens. Considering the positions of the NAF, it gets increasingly hard to pretend that the "truce" was a good idea.

Original article: (in Russian)

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There is no military solution to this conflict. Neither army is strong enough to overwhelm the other. It will take Russia to come into the conflict again for there to be a military solution. Since the military solution is unlikely, efforts must be made to work on the diplomatic track.

This will require perseverance and attendance by ALL leading officials of the 2 republics at these meetings. They must present and insist on their point of view, and pointing out what is wrong with the opponents point of views. This is all part of the diplomatic track. Saying there is no point in going is not in the best interest of getting a favorable outcome or getting a change made in the 12 points. Also the more you are present at diplomatic meetings, the greater the legitimacy you will acquire. To eventually get the outcome you desire, you must be part of the diplomatic process, no matter how useless you may think it is.

Diplomacy takes a long time, and in the case of a protocol, meeting can go on for many months. But you should still take part so you can object to anything which does not further your ultimate goal

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