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Batman's Rapid Response Group – Part 1

The first part of the material on the "Batman" RRG, a sabotage, assault, and reconnaisance group that fights near Lugansk since the spring of this year.

The group focuses on fighting the enemy agents, spotters, gun-layers, mobile mortar squads, and enemy SRG.  If it is necessary, it can sweep settlements to remove small enemy forces, has a wide arsenal of firearms and its own armor that was captured from the enemy – there is even one T-64 tank. The enemy of this group has a callsign of "Batman", due to which this group, which is known as the RRG (Rapid Response Group) is typically called the "Batman" RRG. From this comes the characteristic symbol of the unit.

We know these people for a while now and shipped non-lethal humanitarian aid for them (actually, they never had problems with weapons). The group was engaged both in Lugansk itself during the offensive by the junta military and also in the settlements south of the city, where its enemies were both the punitive troops from the "Aidar" battalions and the regular units of the AFU. The latest famous action by the "Batman" RRG is a literate ambush along with the SARG "Rusich", in which a convoy of "Aidar" punitives was destroyed. Both professional military volunteers and regular people, which learned already during the war and are now effective fighters who can operate in a team, are present in the group. In general, together with the battalion "Zarya" and the battalion "Leshiy", the "Batman" RRG is one of the most combat capable detachments that fight near Lugansk.

The "Batman" RRG has social network presence:, where they sometimes report the results of their activities.
Recently "Batman" guys gave us a flash drive with a part of their media archive that was recorded in August-September of 2014 and permitted us to publish it.
Caution, on the video provided from the archives of "Batman" RRG there may be cruel footage and a significant amount of swearing.

Fighting in the settlement of Vergunka.

An ambush against the punitive troops from "Aidar" – almost 28 minutes, a lot of this footage didn't make it into the official media reports, there is a lot of things here and without censorship – there is very very rough 21+ footage in there

Here is a description of this battle from the side of the "Aidar" punitive battalion.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
The volunteer battalion "Aidar" publicized the details of the battle on September 5th in Lugansk region, as a result of which it suffered serious losses. This is announced in a message posted on "Aidar" page on Facebook.

"Terminator's group of "Aidar" battalion was given a task to deploy towards a checkpoint in the area of the turn towards Stukalova Balka on the roadway that connects the city of Schastye and the settlement of Metallist and to wait there for tanks and airborne units. Simultaneously with the arrival of tanks and APCs of the airborne troops, shelling started from the side of Lugansk that lasted for 1.5 hours. Terminator ordered to get a car out and to move it by 500 meters into the forest," – says the announcement.

According to the battalion, the groups of commanders with the callsigns of Terminator and Grizzly, which returned from Stukalova balka on a truck went towards the city of Schastye. There were 12 people from the first group and 11 from the second groupin the vehicle.

"Passing the turn towards Tsvetye peski, in 1-1.5 km they approached the checkpoint on which the Ukrainian flag was waving. Terminator, as the group commander, left the car and approached the guard. At the guard's question "Who are you?" he said "We are the Aidar". "Aidar!" – yelled the guard and simultaneously the whole checkpoint opened fire on the vehicle of our troops. Other fighters started to jump out of the truck. The body blew up and caught fire due to a punctured gas tank and exploding ammunition. Many fighters were wounded and suffered burns. They retreated into the "green" and sunflower field. Single shots sounded behind – the sounds of a sweep. Apparently, those who were at the checkpoint finished off the wounded," – said "Aidar" announcement.

One of the wounded fighters reached the 80-th brigade, which went from Metallist in a column, and told them about what happened. The paratroopers rushed to help the Aidar fighters, rolled into the checkpoint, and joined combat.

"The fighters from the 80-th brigade hit an enemy tank and APC, destroyed the checkpoint fortifications by rolling over it and went ahead towards the city of Schastye... The announced cease-fire started in 2 hours," – says the announcement.

In "Aidar" it was noted that the negotiations between the representatives of the battalion about getting back the prisoners and the corpses of the dead continued for three days.

"Only in the morning of September 8 our fighters were allowed to remove the bodies, but they refused to return the prisoners. Mama Tanya and the priest, who also came to the terrorists as parliamentaries from the battalions, they promised to transfer only to the representatives of the Red Cross or of the OSCE. However, this didn't happen in the evening of September 8th or in subsequent days. According to our information, they were evacuated into Lugansk," – the sources in "Aidar" noted.

The bodies of dead Ukrainian troops were transferred to "Aidar" in a horrible state, they still undergo the process of identification, the sources in the battalion told us.

"The battalion fighters who went for them told us that many corpses were lying in the forest or on the grass, but with the traces of burning around them. The bellies of several corpses were cut . Apparently, these submen tried to cover up the traces of abusing the corpses using fire. Absolutely all of the remains that were discoved at the place of battle and checkpoint were collected by our troops. The forensic experts discovered that the remains of 33 people were brought in. Considering that several tens of 80-th brigade troops and more than 20 fighters of "Aidar" battalion participated in this battle, we believe that some number of fighters are alive, went into the "green", or were captured," – said the announcement.

Two "Aidar" fighters – Alexey Begeda and Dmitry Grozovsky – were wounded and reached their own in different ways, noted a source in the battalion. Now both of them are in hospitals. (in Russian) – link
[Note from translator: Terminator against Batman, the Hollywood-inspired bloody circus of Ukrainian civil war.]

Ambush against the junta convoy

Sweep of a settlement

The second part with photos will come out a bit later, it takes a while to upload them to the hosting.

Original article: (in Russian)

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