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NKVD Officer

End of jumping...

The junta is announcing that during the fighting under Ilovaysk, which it is unsuccessfully trying to capture for three days now, losing 20 armored vehicles and several dozens infantrymen, the husband of Tatyana Chernovol was killed too.

In fighting under Ilovaysk of the Donetsk region an "Azov" fighter died, the husband of Tatyana Chernovol Nikolai Berezovoy. This was announced on his Facebook page by the advisor to the Minister of Interior Anton Gerashenko. "A few hours ago under the city of Ilovaysk a Hero Of Ukraine, the fighter of the militia battalion of special designation "Azov", the husband of Tatyana Chernovol, Nikolay Berezovoy died an honorable death during combat," – says the announcement.
Also Gerashenko said that another fighter in the battalion was eliminated. "Together with Nikolay another fighter of the "Azov" battalion perished, the name of which is being clarified (There is no connection to the are of combat right now)," – says the announcement. "I don't envy that sniper who killed Nikolay," – summarized Gerashenko.

http://uapolitics.com/topic/5691-ato-nepriєmne/page-77#entry252448 – link (in Ukrainian)

PS. And how was she jumping, actually in literal sense of this word. It is interesting if she will ever understand that is not an unknown sniper who laid him to rest, but she herself, among the others who submerged Ukraine into this bloody mess, which not only the country but also her husband turned into?
However, considering the medical diagnosis given to Chernovol there is little hope for comprehension here.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1723110.html (in Russian)